SGA passes resolution calling for provided test materials

Scantrons and Blue Books could become one less thing for students to worry about in preparation for exams.

The Student Government Association’s House of Representatives passed a resolution Tuesday that supported SGA supplying the necessary materials for students to take tests and exams.

The resolution was introduced by Campus Advancement chair Brett Major and Academic Affairs chair Candace Ruocco. It was the only piece of legislation discussed in the meeting.

The resolution supports the Campus Advancement and Academic Affairs committees in coming together to research the possibility of SGA providing testing materials to the student body.

SGA intends to provide these test materials with the objective of having the university fund the supplies long-term. Ruocco will take this resolution to the Faculty Senate Student Relations committee on Thursday in hopes to come to an agreement with the faculty.

The resolution also supports installing vending machines for testing supplies. SGA intends to put these machines in high-traffic academic buildings on campus, where students can access the school supplies with ease.

If the resolution passes in the Faculty Senate committee, a bill will be introduced by the SGA House in the future to budget the cost of the complementary supplies.

Ruocco said the exact location of the vending machines will be determined if the bill passes.

The House introduces bills over resolutions when the appropriation of money is involved or a change to the Student Body Code is needed. A resolution can only request a change or action on campus and is non-binding.