Fantasy Football: Cowboys loss an ego-check

I sat in disbelief Sunday evening of what had just happened. Monday morning I began rationalizing.

Maybe this is the adversity the Cowboys needed to check their egos. Maybe it is time to deal for a wideout that will help Terrell Owens play through the problems he’s obviously having. Maybe it’s time to threaten benching Tony Romo if he doesn’t fix his lackluster, turnover-filled performances. Well maybe not; the loss should be enough to jar these guys into action and Romo needs to be on the field, even if he is showing gaping holes in his leadership abilities.

And then the news came pouring in. Felix Jones is out for at least two weeks, probably more, Anthony Spencer is out four weeks, Matt McBriar is on the injured reserve, Adam “Might-as-well-call-me-Pacman-again” Jones could be gone from the NFL forever and the dagger, Romo, is out a month.

Here’s hoping Dallas becomes an actual team and rallies through these tribulations as opposed to completing the collapse this group of me-first, thin-skinned babies started back in week four.

But before we get into this week’s stuff, here are my thoughts for the week:

1. The Roy Williams trade could save Dallas’ season and give them a leading wideout to pair with Romo for years to come – not to mention having him opposite Terrell Owens at least for a couple seasons – or go down as the Herschel Walker deal of this decade. This of course depends largely on the abilities of the Lions’ general manager on draft day, which has been dubious at best of late. Sorry, couldn’t resist one last shout out to Mr. Millen.

2. Heads need to start rolling. I vote Bruce Reed.

And now the main event: this week’s top three waiver wire adds and the matchups to keep an eye on.

Waiver Wire Adds:

Dominic Rhodes (RB -Ind): The prodigal son returned this offseason and thanks to injuries to both Joseph Addai and Mike Hart, he is now the starter. Addai will most likely miss all of this week’s game and Hart is gone for the season, so Rhodes is a must start after his 78 yard, one touchdown effort in relief last week.

Brad Johnson (QB – Dal): Here’s your obvious pickup of the week. If Dallas’ offensive line can live up to a fraction of what it was last year, Johnson may have a chance. The addition of Roy Williams only helps things.

Vincent Jackson (WR – SD): He racked up 134 yards receiving and a touchdown against the Patriots in Chris Chambers’ absence. If he’s still available, it’s a good time to snag him, because Phillip Rivers is starting to look his way on a regular basis.

Week 7 Matchups:

New York Jets at Oakland Raiders: Brett Favre is finding his rhythm and Thomas Jones is flying to the end zone more than any other time in his Jets career. What a terrific time to meet up with the Raiders. This should be nothing more than a tune up for New York. Bench any Oakland players you have, if you haven’t already, and prepare for big games from any Jets players on your roster.

Cleveland Browns at Washington Redskins: Cleveland seems to have found its mojo now that no one is looking for it. Donte Stallworth’s successful debut and Kellen Winslow Jr.’s ever-nearing return only serve to help matters. Derek Anderson may be finally getting back on track and may even be poised to become a fantasy starter again. Clinton Portis is a stalwart for both Washington and any fantasy team lucky enough to have him.

Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Rams: Only one name you need to know this weekend for the Cowboys: Marion Barber. Tashard Choice will make an impact but the Barbarian will have to be in old-school form to carry this team to a victory not only this game, but in the next three contests. Jason Witten should continue to be the main benefactor of Dallas’ poor offensive line play. Torry Holt could have a big day against a suddenly vulnerable Cowboy secondary and Steven Jackson might see the same open holes Portis saw a couple weeks ago.