Dining Services efforts to go green applaudable

Dining Services’ latest attempt to go green takes the university’s sustainability efforts to a new level, and those involved deserve a round of applause.

A new machine is helping turn students’ leftovers and other waste into an organic compost material. The compost material can ultimately be used as animal feed, and Dining Services is working to find a pig farmer to take the material.

This latest green initiative is supplemented by other efforts by Dining Services to make the campus more sustainable. It has already installed special napkin holders to encourage students to take only the amount needed as part of its attempt to cut back on usage of paper products.

It seems Dining Services is heading the campaign to make the university more eco-friendly. It has once again proved it has made a real commitment to going green and is encouraging students to do the same.

It is the individual efforts by different entities on campus – the Purple Bike Program and canvas bag initiative, financial services cutting back on paper statements and the Chancellor’s participation in the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment – that will ultimately shrink the size of the university’s carbon footprint.

The theme of the semester is “think purple, live green,” and Dining Services has shown it has taken this theme to heart. Other campus entities should follow suit and do their part in making the university as green as it can be.

Editor-in-chief Bailey Shiffler for the editorial board