Obama the candidate of the future

Dear Senator,

I doubt you will actually read this note, but I wanted someone in your campaign to know how happy I am. You see, I voted for the first time Tuesday. I am 20 years old and live in Fort Worth. Like a lot of students here, I am thinking about what is to come and how best to shape the future.

I first saw you when you announced your bid for the presidency. To be honest, I had no idea who you were. But then you spoke and you told me about a world where my single vote mattered. You told me about true equality for everyone and suddenly those dry words in my history books became real.

I saw you again when you visited Fort Worth for a speech during the primaries. You looked so tiny on the stage, but your words filled the stadium and even then, you looked presidential.

Some people are saying that this is a historic race because if elected, you will be the first biracial president. I have also had people accuse me of supporting you so fervently because I wished to relieve myself of the white debt to the black community.

But when I look at you, Senator, I don’t see a black man or a tall man or a man with big ears, as you so frequently joke. I see my future and it is glorious.

I didn’t vote for you because I liked your words or agree with all your policies because policies can change and fail. I voted for you because you are the most qualified. You ran the hardest primary campaign in history. You are smart enough to understand the need for good counsel.

Because of you, I have become politically active. I have recruited friends to join the cause and I proudly wear my Obama ’08 shirt every chance I get.

I know the election isn’t over yet. There is still a lot of work to be done. But I wanted to tell you thank you. Thank you for voicing my concerns and fears about the future. Thank you for energizing the youth. Thank you for giving me hope.

Libby Davis is a sophomore news-editorial journalism and history major from Coppell.