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Halloween lends opportunity to show creativity, imagination

With Halloween right around the corner, everyone is beginning to think about this year’s costume of choice. Whether you are going as this year’s most featured flick or dressing up as this year’s political candidates, this Halloween is going to be a big one. Why not make it an even bigger one by dressing up in an over-the-top outfit?

Here’s a list of the top outfits bought so far across the country. No doubt with elections just days away, many people, both men and women, are dressing up as their favorite political candidate. With women going for Gov. Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama and males going for Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama, this year’s political race will surely come out on the faces of many party guests this season.

For the female crowd, the top-selling costume is Hannah Montana. Her influence has been huge and is continuing to grow. Disney has recently announced a seven-figure book deal with Miley Cyrus, the actress who plays Hannah Montana, which makes her the most popular character right now. The second follows right along with the Disney theme with the Sharpay Evans, a High School Musical character. This character is popular right now with the recently released High School Musical 3 movie.

The ’60s theme is also big with the re-emergence of the hippie character and peace signs in the media. This not only follows the current tie-dye bright color trend but also plays along with the huge eco-friendly trend that is currently influencing many brands.

The most interesting costume I found when researching is the reversible costume. This costume allows someone to be more than one character without the hassle of purchasing multiple outfits. The recent one that has come out is the bee/ladybug outfit, which allows you to get the best of both costumes and allow yourself to transform your outfit in a matter of minutes.

For the male crowd, there is no doubt that characters from “The Dark Night” will be seen all over, and not only Batman but the Joker, too. Also seen on the shelves is the Halo Master Chief costume, which is new to costume stores this year and goes along with previous Halo costumes.

Iron Man and Indiana Jones characters also hit the top charts this year making them popular candidates for costumes, continuing to prove that the media plays the largest role in what movies, shows, video games and other pop culture icons become pinnacle choices in costumes.

But if you don’t have time or money this season to go out and buy the top costume and don’t want to be the typical movie character, why not try making an original costume? This can be easily done by taking a classic idea such as a vampire and adding a twist to it. Do something that draws people’s attention and maybe a few laughs.

For example, you can take an average vampire costume and pair it up with some silly golfing pants, golfing shoes and a golf club. Tell everyone it was your day off and you like to play golf in between bouts of sucking blood. If you have a large group you could dress up in matching outfits, such as a group of fun-loving rednecks or the Addams Family.

If homemade costumes aren’t your thing, try looking online for some great costumes. One Web site with crazy, fun costumes is, which features many weird, out-there costumes that will be sure to draw a laugh this Halloween.

No matter what, be funny, original and express yourself with your costume of choice. Whether you make your costume or buy it, make sure to add parts or your own imagination and creativity so that your outfit stands out against others at this year’s Halloween bash.

Jackie Burlison is a junior fashion merchandising major from Colleyville.

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