Students choose McCain in mock election

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s election, students, faculty and staff have chosen Sen. John McCain as their presidential pick in a mock election held on campus Monday.

The election was put on by SGA’s Programming Council in order to determine “TCU’s Favorite Candidate” for president and encourage people to vote.

A booth was set up outside the library as the Programming Council polling site. At the end of three hours of voting, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., 276 votes were cast.

McCain received 159 votes, while Sen. Barack Obama received 117. Students made up most of the votes, but a few faculty and staff members also participated.

Voters were asked to place either a red or blue piece of paper into a box to cast their votes. Red paper was used for McCain and blue for Obama. Programming Council then handed out donkey and elephant cookies to voters for participating.

The lectures, forums and films committee of Programming Council was responsible for the election. Sophomore advertising/public relations major Mika Southall serves as the director of the committee and helped to organize the event. Several members of Frog Aides also volunteered to help run the voting booth.

The mock election event was created as a way for SGA to promote participation in Tuesday’s elections.

“We thought it was an important topic, and it is something that students are really interested in,” Southall said. “Students are really excited about the elections. Several were interested in the event, and most were more than willing to cast their vote.”