Enjoy the outdoors before the chills set in

Last year’s winter season seemed to last forever. I remember being so eager for flowers to start blooming again and flip-flops and Nike shorts to make their 2008 spring debut. It was heaven when that day finally came.

Unfortunately, that time has come and is about to be gone, if not already. Chilling weather is just around the corner. The leaves have begun to fall, the air is cooler and the notorious UGGs have already been spotted. As much as I love the cold weather that brings yummy hot chocolate and layers of warm, soft clothing, I’ll miss being able to keep my windows rolled all the way down driving to and from school. I’ll miss walking to class in perfect 75-degree weather without lugging a sweatshirt or a North Face jacket around. Luckily, I still have a bit of time, and you do too.

Students should take advantage of the beautiful days we still have before it gets so cold that 10 minutes outside is more than enough time for a nose to freeze. Yes, lately the wind has made us all feel like El Nino is out in full force, but it’s still no excuse.

It’s time to step out of the norm and go out. Take a bike ride around Worth Hills, get some exercise outside and enjoy wearing your most comfortable short-sleeved T-shirts. Have a picnic on Sadler Lawn – maybe a little corny for some, but it’s a good place to munch on some snacks, kick back and chill with your friends while you watch the nearby squirrel do the same. Stroll around University Park Village, shop until you drop and take advantage of the many restaurants that have outdoor seating in a great area of Fort Worth. Take a study break at the Fort Worth Zoo and goof around with the monkeys and apes where you can truly see Mother Nature at her greatest. Have a huge test? Study at the Botanical Gardens. Take full advantage of the calm, serene and beautiful environment and still feel productive. Sit outside the TCU Bookstore, work on a project or buy a book and delve into a whole new world with a cup of joe.

It won’t be long before our Texas winter wonderland arrives. December is coming, and there is no doubt in my mind it’ll be colder before then. Too long will we be cooped up in our homes wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts, chomping down on Christmas cookies and caramel popcorn, watching “A Christmas Story” for the 50th time. Go outside and enjoy the gorgeous days we’ve been blessed with. Who knows how long this year’s winter will last?

Opinion editor Patricia Espinosa is a junior broadcast journalism major from Mission.