Utah’s Blackout stadium will be painted purple tonight

Usually, I try to defend the Bowl Championship Series ratings because it is the only system we have right now, and there is nothing we can do about it until everyone can agree on something better.

But having Utah at No. 8 is ridiculous.

Look at the schedule for the Utes and you will find no ranked teams, a couple of narrow wins over Michigan and New Mexico, both terrible teams, and an overall boring schedule.

For the Frogs, this is the third top-10 team you will find on the schedule, and the one loss you will see is to the then-No. 2 team in the country, Oklahoma Sooners.

Plus, when the Frogs beat somebody, they beat somebody. When we schedule an opponent, our goal is to go onto the field, destroy their morale with a turnover in the beginning, and then crush all hope by piling up the points on offense, while pummeling the opposing offenses with this dominating defense. The Frogs don’t just squeak by opponents. That is unacceptable for TCU.

So don’t expect the Frogs to go into Utah and play to win by one, expect them to go into Rice-Eccles Stadium to dominate.

They will bring their A-game for this one. If you thought BYU got it, you were wrong.

Senior Brian Johnson has thrown an interception in all but one of the Utes’ games this season. I am calling Johnson throws a pick on the Utes first drive, it gets returned for a touchdown, and then it just goes downhill from there for the Utes.

Next drive Johnson looks left, then he gets blindsided by man-beast Jerry Hughes and coughs the ball up.

This game is going to get ugly fast.

The sellout crowd for the Utes will be silenced in its all-black clothes. That is when the game will get really fun.

Andy Dalton to Jimmy Young, then to Shea Reagan, then to Walter Bryant, then to Bart Johnson. Once the Utes defense gets used to that, Aaron Brown will slice and dice through the defense, while Joseph Turner runs over the defensive line like a monster truck.

The Frogs’ offense is tired of being the red-headed stepchild of TCU’s defense, which has been getting acclaim for years. So now, the offense has found its identity as a high-octane force to be reckoned with.

While the Utes’ defense does rank in the top-10 in most categories, it is always just a few steps behind the Frogs’ stingy defense. And that is just what the Utes will be on the field Thursday night, a few steps behind the Frogs.

Expect this game to be ugly from the get-go for the Utes, and Utah will know what it’s like to face a real smash-mouth, shut-down, dominating defense that will take the Mountain West title and make its way to a BCS game.

Sports editor Billy Wessels is a senior news-editorial major from Waxahachie.