Author discusses new ways of green living

People can buy some strange things on the Internet.

When author and New Mexico resident Doug Fine wanted to change his life to live more sustainably, he went online to search for ideas.

“I bought my goats on Craig’s List, and when I went to get them, I realized I did not even know if that was legal,” the author of “Farewell, My Subaru” told about 50 students Thursday at the Kelly Alumni Center.

“Farewell, My Subaru” describes the challenges Fine overcame to make his life more green on a goat ranch in New Mexico.

Goats are more sustainable than cows because they do not tear up the earth as badly, Fine said. The author said he named his goats Melissa Etheridge and Natalie Merchant after the artists because they sound like goats.

Fine said goats are not the only thing people can look up on Craig’s List to live more sustainably. People can also search for solar panels and a conversion kit to make a diesel vehicle run on vegetable oil, he said.

Most people think they have to give up their comforts to live green, and that’s not the case, Fine said.

“I have a fridge, washer and dryer, stereo, wireless Internet,” Fine said. “What is there to miss?”

Fine said people should buy locally grown produce to remain carbon neutral.

“Have fun with it and take one step at a time,” Fine said.

A.J. Gelinas, a junior computer science major, said he attended the event to listen to Fine discuss issues that should be addressed.

“If you want to make a difference, you have to start with yourself,” Gelinas said.

Audra Ewert, a freshman fashion merchandising major, said she is interested in learning how to live green.

“His talk made me think more about carbon neutral foods and clothing, and now I will be more conscious about what I am buying,” Ewert said.