Commend university for helping employees, students in midst of budget cuts

As the U.S. stands on unsteady ground economically, businesses and individuals alike are looking for ways to cut back spending. TCU is not alone in its effort to trim its budget, but it does stand out in its efforts to do so in a way that aims to lend a helping hand to those it employs and teaches.

A recommendation will be made Friday to the Board of Trustees to trim the university’s budget, but the money saved will not be wasted. Chancellor Victor Boschini said the cutbacks will allow the school to give merit-based raises to faculty and might even decrease the rate at which tuition is raised.

While budget cuts inevitably will be difficult to implement, and some campus programs will feel the crunch, commend the university for working to put the money back into the pockets of its students and faculty.

Tuition increases have been steady for the past few years, and they are never well received. Any effort to get rid of tuition increases, or even to decrease the rate at which it is raised, will be welcomed by students and parents.

The state of the nation’s economy is causing people and institutions everywhere to delve into their pocketbooks and evaluate their spending, and as TCU looks to put money back into the wallets of its students and faculty – it should be applauded.

Editor-in-chief Bailey Shiffler for the editorial board