Committee selects new leaders for the Skiff

The Student Publications Committee selected the spring 2009 editor-in-chief and advertising manager for the Daily Skiff on Friday.

The selection for editor-in-chief for the spring 2009 semester was senior Max Landman, a news-editorial journalism major, who currently works as the design editor. He was selected from a pool of four candidates, all of whom are editors this semester.

“Ever since I arrived here at TCU, I’ve worked with the Skiff as a designer and a design editor, and now I’m just really happy to see it off the last semester I’m here,” Landman said.

Landman said he does not think any major changes need to be made to the Skiff, but he wants to focus more on the Skiff’s Web site.

“One thing I’m going to focus on is more devotion to our Web content and to start working more closely with News Now and KTCU, so we can be prepared when the newsrooms combine next year,” Landman said. “I think we’re doing a really good job overall.”

Junior Tiffany Raymer, an advertising/public relations major and English minor, was selected as the advertising manager for the Skiff. Raymer was the only applicant. Raymer said she does not foresee the need for any major changes to the advertising department, but sees work ahead.

“We’re having a lot of struggles with the economy and selling ads,” Raymer said.

Raymer said she wants to bring a more positive attitude toward college advertising.