The NFL game has a lot to learn from college football

For years I have been saying how the professional football game is better than the college game.

The players in the NFL are bigger, stronger and faster than college players, making the games more exciting because fans are seeing the best of the best.

But this weekend changed my mind.

The NFL players are still bigger, stronger and faster than college players, but the way the college game is played is just so much better than the NFL.

First, the replay system. Isn’t the job of the officials to get every call correct?

If that is the case, why do coaches have challenges in the NFL? Every play should be reviewed upstairs like they do in the college game. If the officials upstairs find a problem with a play, they should radio down to an official on the field and tell them they messed up.

If we can put headsets in quarterback’s and linebacker’s helmets, why can’t we get an earpiece for the officials on the field? That way, if something is wrong, the field officials will be told immediately, blow the whistle and then fix what the officials messed up.

The NCAA says every play in college football games is reviewed; whether that is actually happening is debatable because it seems like there are several plays that deserve a second look, and they don’t get it. But the idea is great, and it shows their goal is to get the call on the field right.

Second, ties. Everyone knows a tie is like kissing your sister, and there is no place for that in football, or any sport for that matter. Even hockey finally figured it out.

But having a tie in football is just difficult to comprehend, especially with several different ways to score. But to make sure that doesn’t happen again, the NFL should do what the NCAA does.

Give each team a possession starting at the 50-yard line, so they don’t start in field goal range and let them try to one-up each other. The college game makes scoring a little too easy starting at the 25-yard line, just about in field goal range. They should move back five or 10 yards, but at least they have the system right.

Finally, fines. It seems like in every game somebody in the NFL does something that “deserves” a fine. I know you can’t fine a college player because they aren’t getting paid, but you don’t hear too many complaints from players that the college game is becoming a pansy game.

So despite the higher caliber of player at the NFL level, overall the college game is better, until the NFL changes the rules.

Sports editor Billy Wessels is a new-editorial journalism major from Waxahachie.