View tuition increase with an open mind

The Board of Trustees met Friday and approved a 5-percent tuition increase, raising the cost to attend the university to $28,250.

While no one likes tuition increases, it is good that the university realized TCU’s tuition was rising too quickly as its cost is still above average.

According to Inside Higher Ed, the mean cost for a four-year private university is $25,143 for the 2008-2009 school year.

Chancellor Victor Boschini said the increase will help offset health care costs and some necessary campus repairs. Coming with the tuition increase is an increase of the same amount in financial aid, despite the recent announcement of budget cuts.

While they are small, the university is still making strides to help students in these times of economic struggle.

Despite the expense, TCU still costs less than other private four-year institutions in the area. For 2008-09, SMU tuition was $29,430. So as tuition-payers, students or parents may be in better shape than previously thought.

Associate editor Michelle Nicoud for the editorial board.