GPAs aren’t everything in college admissions

A new study shows that 32 percent of TCU’s freshman class graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school class.

That is less than other comparable schools like Baylor University, at 35 percent, and Southern Methodist University, at 42 percent. But as important as grades are, more goes into students than their grades in high school.

A good student has to be someone who is focused, balanced and involved in his or her community. So far, it seems TCU has done a good job of selecting students based on factors other than their grades in high school.

Plus, some of those numbers can be deceptive, which is why the TCU admission office and Ray Brown, dean of admission, go to great lengths to pick students who fit well at TCU. Without looking at a student’s entire package, there would be no way to tell which students are the best fit for TCU. Attributes such as community involvement, work ethic, diversity and unique life experiences all play a role in a student’s success in college and the university’s ability to provide a quality education. Students everywhere possess these qualities and make a university what it is – not just those in the top 10 percent of their high school class.

So while looking at face value and seeing the university ranked below Baylor and SMU might be disappointing, TCU has done a great job of attracting quality students to Fort Worth for years.

Sports editor Billy Wessels for the editorial board.