SGA approves installation of more bike racks

The Student Government Association House of Representatives passed a bill and a resolution Tuesday to aid efforts to promote the green movement on campus.

SGA passed a bill to allocate money to install 11 bicycle racks on campus to accommodate the increasing number of students who ride their bike to class. Campus Advancement allocated $4,368.72 from its budget to fund the supplies, equipment and services to put in the bike racks by the end of the semester. SGA logos will be added to these racks.

SGA Vice President Brett Major, who heads Campus Advancement, said he hopes the installation of the bike racks will also encourage more students to ride bikes around campus.

The House unanimously passed a resolution that supports campus efforts to go green. Representatives Jessica Altenberg, Jamie Klump and Carl Hollingsworth, the authors of the resolution, proposed ways in which campus can save energy.

The resolution supports the placement of recycling bins in the mail room and encourages the bookstore to shut off escalators during closed hours. It also supports electronic distribution of weekly newsletters and campuswide calendars to cut back on paper usage. An amendment was added to the resolution requiring SGA to cut back on its own paper distribution to abide by the semester’s theme, “Think Purple, Live Green.”

The House also passed a resolution to show approval for the potential creation of a winter term between the fall and spring semesters.

An additional resolution was introduced that supports special parking for students and faculty who drive cars that are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. However, the resolution was moved to be voted on at the next meeting because members said it needs clarification.

Upcoming bicycle racks locations

1: Outside the entrance to the library

2: The ramps between Winton Scott and Sid Richardson Halls

3: The northeast side of the Rickel building

4: The east side of Reed Hall

5: The west side of Tandy

6: The rose garden steps

7: In between the north and south Moudy buildings

8: Outside the Miller Speech and Hearing Clinic

9: Between the Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Delta Gamma houses