Research program highlights commitment to environmental issues

The university’s Institute for Environmental Studies and Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute in England have joined forces to change the world in an eco-friendly way. The two institutions are leading a research program in the development of wind power. One focus of the program is to address the impact of wind turbines on flying animals. TCU has never fallen short of making a difference in society and this is just another example of its dedication. Not only is the school working on the forefront of global advancements of wind power, it’s also looking for a way to prevent the injury and harm to flying animals, such as birds and bats, that wind turbines present. They’re tackling more than one environmental issue with one project.

Research development programs like this one reinforce the ideals that TCU stands for. It informs students and the rest of the community that there are greater issues in the world than a biology exam that need to be addressed. It encourages others to be responsible citizens of not just a local community, but of the global community. The teams on the research frontier are not just professionals, but graduate students and professors, who are using cutting-edge technology in ways that are breaking the mold in the information world.

What better way is there to participate in the improvement of society than to get a university involved? And even better, to unify two outstanding, well-respected higher education programs that are both eager to make a difference in the world.

Kudos to the university for working to make a positive impact on future generations.

Opinion editor Patricia Espinosa for the editorial board