Frog Calls should be online only

Most students will remember the pile of unclaimed copies of Frog Calls in the mail room and union. The print version of Frog Calls doesn’t appear to be high in demand. Plus, the entire content is available online.

Although Chancellor Victor Boschini says this annual devastation of resources is justified because people would prefer to read the document in hard copy, the piles of unopened phonebooks say otherwise. More importantly, it is contradictory to this semester’s theme: Think Purple, Live Green.

The online version of Frog Calls is much easier to access, quicker and more sensible. Shawn Kornegay, associate director of communications, said the university doesn’t pay for the 9,000 copies of Frog Calls. But this still doesn’t justify printing the phonebooks.

Sustainable living is often associated with cheaper living, like when choosing to take shorter showers or drive cars with better gas mileage. But sustainability is about more than that. It is about conserving resources so that future generations can maintain a quality way of life.

Although it would be understandable to print a few copies for offices, 9,000 copies annually is unjustifiable. University leaders should set a simple yet powerful example by doing away with this archaic practice.

As Keith Whitworth, professor of sociology and sponsor of the Society of Sustainability, said, though it might be a little inconvenient for some, we can adapt for a bigger and more honorable purpose.

Web editor Saerom Yoo for the editorial board.