SGA resolution supports driving eco-friedly cars

The Student Government Association House of Representatives now supports the development of designated parking with reduced price and preference options for students and faculty who register environmentally-friendly vehicles.

SGA voted nearly unanimously to promote parking spots around campus for students and staff that drive green cars Tuesday.

The resolution gave support to initiate one prime parking spot per lot on campus to become a designated spot for those students and faculty who have vehicles that are considered environmentally-friendly according to the 2008 Environmental Protection Agency Ratings. The resolution states that not only hybrid vehicles can use these spots, but other vehicles that meet the EPA’s approval can also occupy such spots.

Representative Lindsey Wilson initially authored the resolution, along with students Ben Halliday, Justine Sanchez, Arceli Long and Cassie Garcia. The resolution began as a project for a political science class and eventually was written as legislation and brought before the House meeting.

However, it was shelved Nov. 18 to alter some of the text and the resolution’s actual title. Fine Arts Representative Candace Ruocco joined the bill authors and made the changes necessary to bring the resolution back before the House.

The authors said students and faculty who contribute to the university’s initiative, “deserve recognition, support and rewards for supporting commitment.”

The resolution authors believe these few parking spots would reward these individuals for choosing to support the environment. Students and faculty could receive green parking options by meeting a set of standards the TCU Police would develop. These privileges would be acknowledged by special parking permits.

The rules and availability times for these spots would ultimately depend on each particular parking lot around campus.

By passing this resolution, SGA emphasized that these preference parking options would be a “fair and relevant” recognition by the university of those faculty and students who own such vehicles. SGA also hopes that eventually the TCU Police would supervise the registration and use of these particular spots.