Letter to the Editor: Frog Calls a valuable tool

I’m all for Think Purple, Live Green, but don’t take my Frog Calls away.

I’ve changed my light bulbs to compact fluorescent lights. I even have an LED flashlight – it’s not very good, but I use it. I’ve inflated my tires, several times, but they still look low. I bring my drinks from home in a reusable container, and I wash my clothes in cold water. I recycle paper in my department and at home. I eat less sugar and drink more water. But if you take my Frog Calls away, you’d be robbing me of a very valuable tool.

In Wednesday’s paper, the collective opinion of the Skiff editorial board wants us to believe Frog Calls is an archaic practice that no one uses. I beg to differ. I use mine every day. It’s practically worn out and will be by the time the next Frog Calls rolls around. The yellow page section alone is a plethora of information for new students to TCU and to Fort Worth.

I do use the online directory, but if I’m looking for help in a department and don’t have a name I pull out my Frog Calls. My Frog Calls is not just for looking up people, it’s a road map to all the departments on campus.

Department names change and people come and go, but with my Frog Calls I have a written volume that can be easily deciphered, highlighted or circled for contacting employee’s, students or vendors. Computers can be slow, but my Frog Calls is always handy.

I could go on and on about the virtues of my Frog Calls, and 9,000 copies annually may be too many, but to do away with the Frog Calls completely would be a disservice to many here on campus.

Terri Robinett is a TCU Telecommunications customer service representative.