December graduation rate keeps rising

For the past few years, December graduation rates have increased. Later this month, more than 800 students will receive their degrees, a university official said.

Kristi Harrison, manager for academic progress, said 885 students will receive their degrees during this month’s commencement ceremony. This number includes students who finished their degree requirements this past summer and students who completed their degree requirements during this semester.

This year, 670 students finished their degree requirements during the fall semester, Harrison said, up from 600 students last year.

Harrison said almost all majors and schools have seen an increase in the number of December graduates. The AddRan College of Liberal Arts and the Neeley School of Business have seen the biggest increases, she said.

This trend is not unique to TCU. Baylor University has also seen an increase in December graduation rates.

Kathleen Morley, director of Institutional Research & Testing at Baylor, said 621 undergraduate and 190 graduate degrees will be handed out during this year’s fall commencement. Last year, Baylor gave 585 undergraduate and 190 graduate degrees during the December commencement, she said.

Harrison said the university always expects more students to graduate in December than in August.

“December is always going to be bigger, and that’s just because that’s when most students finish up,” Harrison said.

Although Harrison said the university has more graduates than ever before, she can’t say if the trend will continue.

“It’s hard to know because it just depends on whether it takes the kids four years to graduate or whether it takes them five or whether it takes them six,” Harrison said. “It just depends on when they came in and how quickly they get their course work done.”

Commencement will take place Dec. 20 in Daniel Meyer Coliseum.