Frogs prepping for Boise State

As the football team prepares to head to San Diego for their bowl game against No. 9 Boise State University, the Frogs are still practicing and preparing both mentally and physically.

Head football coach Gary Patterson said Wednesday’s practice was not as intense as Tuesday’s, but the team still got some things done.

“We introduced some things we needed to,” Patterson said. “The only difference was there was more teaching today.”

Overall, the Frogs will have three more practices before getting on a flight for the West Coast. The team will practice Saturday and Sunday this week and Friday morning next week before catching a flight that afternoon.

Athletics media relations director Mark Cohen said exact times for these sessions have not yet been determined. Cohen said the team can’t practice today or Friday this week because of university “dead days”. The team won’t be allowed to practice during finals week either, he said.

Despite the seemingly sporadic schedule, Patterson said this is typical for a practice schedule during bowl season.

“This is pretty normal for us for bowl practices,” Patterson said. “You shouldn’t go anymore so you can give your kids a chance to rest.”

Rest is important this time of year, considering how much effort the players have put into the program so far this season, Patterson said.

“We are on practice 88,” Patterson said. “We have two this weekend, which means 90, and we will get two or three more at the bowl site, now you are talking about 95 or 96 practices. That is a lot of wear and tear.”

The bowl game will come 31 days after the Frogs’ 44-10 victory over the Air Force Academy to end the regular season. Patterson said he is using this time to get his team healthier.