Suck the marrow out of college life

When I was asked to think back on my time here at TCU and the roller coaster of studying, partying, eating, meeting new people, bad decisions, new friends, losing friends, growing, changing, massive student loans, moving, ramen noodles, outrageous prices at the Main, freshman 15, dorm life, psychotic roommates, relationships and Fuzzy’s tacos, I must admit, I was a tad overwhelmed.

But as I write this column, I realize the experiences I had here, good and bad, I would not trade for the world. Whether it was cursing openly at a works cited page and determining the difference between MLA and APA format (who cares?!) or watching an unknown person in a full-body Scooby Doo costume complete an impressive keg stand, I cherish every single minute.

I realize now how easy it is to take these seemingly everyday activities for granted. Because a somewhat carefree environment is available for most of us, we tend not to realize how rare these experiences are.

With graduation imminent, I now understand how truly lucky I am to be here. When else will I watch a dear friend belly flop into a semi frozen Frog Fountain with hilarious and painful consequences? Where else will I witness someone pulling the fire alarm in Milton Daniel, and then running around the halls yelling “I’m on fire! I’m on fire!”?


Don’t waste your precious time wallowing over some woman who broke up with you or some guy who won’t stop hitting on all your sorority sisters. Move on, get out there and live.

Along with having fun and exploring your freedom, stop and appreciate our education. Most of our teachers and mentors, 97.76 percent to be exact, genuinely care about our success (the other 2.24 percent you know who you are). And they deserve much more than a simple thank you. I owe my graduation to so many different people, and I could not have done it on my own. I will be leaving TCU with a highly-regarded degree, a positive outlook on life and about $1.75 in my pocket. Give ’em hell, TCU.