Fraternity works to regain chapter

The Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity is working to meet university standards to reclaim their on-campus living facilities after being suspended for misconduct last summer, an officer of the Interfraternity Council said.

Evan Berlin, the council’s president, said the fraternity lost its charter and was kicked out of its house over the summer after being suspended for misconduct.

Gerald Ewbanks, a senior supply and value chain management major and the president of Phi Kappa Sigma, declined to comment on the specifics of the misconduct.

Phi Kappa Sigma’s former dormitory in Martin Moore Hall did not remain empty, Berlin said. The dorm is currently used as main campus housing, he said.

Ewbanks said he would not go into details of the requirements that need to be met before the fraternity receives their charter and housing back.

He said the fraternity is still participating in Greek activities and will continue to work on earning back their charter.

“The suspension is for an academic year, which continues until after May,” Ewbanks said.

Berlin said Phi Kappa Sigma has devised a strategic plan to cover immediate and long-term goals and as of now, they are succeeding.

“If they continue to participate extensively in sorority philanthropies and other on-campus events, they will most likely be back next year,” Berlin said.

“They have a solid pledge class and a successful recruitment,” Berlin said.

Zachary Maynard, a senior finance and accounting major and member of Phi Kappa Sigma, said he expects the fraternity to move past its suspension sooner than later.

“Everything looks good for us to get our charter and housing back after this semester. As of this semester we are also off social probation, so we are allowed to attend social events with alcohol again.”

Clayton Simons, former president of Interfraternity Council, said that as far as he knew, Phi Kappa Sigma was upholding its responsibility to regain its former status.

Ewbanks said there is no known date when Phi Kappa Sigma would get its house back at this time.