Clinton excellent choice for secretary of state office

In the 30 years that Hillary Clinton has graced the political limelight, she has worked her way from the governor of Arkansas’ wife to first lady of the United States and then to a New York senator before becoming the only female presidential candidate to ever really be taken seriously.

Now she has been appointed to one of the most prestigious positions in U.S. politics, and you can call her Madame Secretary.

Her election to the U.S. Senate in 2000 marked the first time a first lady had been elected to that position, a very fitting accomplishment for the trailblazer of a woman who has paved the way for countless numbers of female politicians to follow in her footsteps.

After her bid for the presidency ended, instead of allowing disappointment to overshadow her dream of a better America, she actively endorsed then Sen. Barack Obama, giving speeches and pleading with Americans to make the “right choice.” One of her aides told reporters that Clinton could “accept losing, but she could not accept quitting.”

Obama made the right decision when he offered her the position of secretary of state.

She has already acknowledged that we have a lot of damage to repair. America has become increasingly alienated even amongt its allies.

Clinton began her tenure by placing calls to other heads of state, opening the door to peaceful conflict resolution and making clear her and Obama’s “willingness to engage meaningfully” with the world community.

It remains to be seen what the future holds with Obama as president, but it will bring a change to America, and Clinton is a big part of that change.

She has proved her loyalty to this nation by working tirelessly to improve the life of Americans. She has proved her strength by enduring the hardships of the campaign trail with grace, and she has proved her intelligence by her formation of key ideals and her ability to answer tough questions even when they are unexpected.

Having Clinton in the cabinet will only help our country repair its damaged reputation caused by the foreign policy decisions made during the past eight years. And I hope Americans will greet her with open arms, like the warm welcome she received from State Department staff, and give her the respect that she deserves.

Vlora Bojku is a junior business major from Colleyvile.