Letter to the Editor: SGA values student opinions

I am writing in response to John Andrew Willis’ Jan. 29 column “SGA Should Get Feedback Before Using Student Money.”

Having served as the Student Government Association Programming Council chair for the past two years, I understood the problems and challenges described regarding concerts and general programming on campus.

While Mr. Willis might have made a handful of valid points throughout his article, he failed to conduct adequate research.

He said, “The council may legitimately desire to serve the student body, but I’ve never seen the student body polled on who they would like to see perform on campus – not even before the $100,000 Pat Green show last fall.” Actually, a tremendous amount of research went into the preparation for the Pat Green concert. As one of two studentsserving on the Brown-Lupton University Union Grand Opening Celebration Committee, I can assure you that we polled the student body, discussed concert ideas with administrators, faculty and staff, and even went as far as to seek advice from schools such as Vanderbilt University and Louisiana State University.

Our student body poll received well over 400 unique responses from students and Pat Green was among the top artists preferred. The poll additionally provided information about days of the week and times that were favorable for student body events.

In an attempt to make a point and finish a story, Mr. Willis neglected to do the necessary research or even ask SGA if such a poll had taken place.

Kristen Chapman a senior marketing major from Sugar Land.