No room for Greek disputes in SGA

Some Student Government Association representatives should be ashamed that loyalties to outside organizations sometimes affect their voting patterns.

The members of the Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternities should vote on what is best for their constituencies, not on how their brothers vote.

Members of the House such as Joey Parr, chair of the Elections and Regulations Committee, and student body treasurer Marlon Figueroa, members of Pi Kap and Sig Ep, respectively, have admitted that Greek affiliation can impact the votes of House members. It is refreshing to see that these men are acknowledging the problem.

With members of the two fraternities making up 32 percent of the House, it is delusional for people to think that Greek loyalties don’t influence voting.

Fraternities are great social institutions for those looking to make the most of their college years, but brotherly ties must be kept separate from other organizations on campus.

Students pay student government fees every year, in what essentially amounts to tax dollars, for SGA to represent their best interests. Each representative has a group of people to speak for (College of Fine Arts or senior class, for example) and should act on behalf of them, not what his or her friends are voting for.

If the university is supposed to be educating students to be ethical leaders, House members should be working hard to gauge the wants and needs of their constituents who elected them to the position, not showing up to a meeting once a week and voting on a whim.

Representatives should check their Greek affiliations at the door to ensure that SGA is an organization that students can respect.

Associate editor David Hall for the editorial board.