Campus Voices: Is advising at TCU effective?

Campus Voices: Is advising at TCU effective?

“The advising here could be better. It’s OK. It’s just there’s not enough clarification needed or suggested as far as classes go. We end up taking more classes or finding out that we need an extra class or there’s a class that we did take and we shouldn’t have taken.”

Erica Wyatt, senior psychology major from Fort Worth.

“No. I’m a nursing student and my advisers don’t even know what’s going on, and you would think the nursing school would be on top of that. I kind of had to explain what I had taken and what I needed to take to my adviser, instead of my adviser explaining it to me.”

Melissa Gase, sophomore nursing major from San Diego.

“Not in my experience. I’ve had lots of problems getting classes taken care of and getting my advisers to – well – they told me what math classes to take but they didn’t look over my entire plan. I’ve had a lot of cases with friends missing classes and having to stay an extra semester.”

Abby Gromowsky, sophomore math major from Crowley.

“No. I transferred and it took me two and a half semesters. I was supposed to graduate last fall. There were classes that my advisers said were OK, but later on I had to confirm with the College of Science and Engineering.”

Bimal Pudasaini, senior chemistry major from Kathmandu, Nepal.

“It’s really helpful for me, because for one thing, they’re very knowledgeable about what you need to do to get your degree plan completed. They know what classes you need to take during the semester, what classes will only be offered this semester or a certain semester.”

Regi Gray, sophomore middle-school education major from Marshall.

-Compiled by staff reporter Jordan Smith.