Meal plan changes give students more options

In the world of meal options, a topic that has produced headaches for students on campus over the years, it’s good to see the university is making some meaningful changes.

The addition in the 2009-2010 school year of Campus Cash, a program similar to Frog Bucks used at on-campus locations, adds flexibility to the dining process, giving students the opportunity to use some funds in their meal plans at places like 1873 Sports Bar & Grill, The Corner Store and Sub Connection.

Rather than having only three meal plan options to choose from at prices well above $1,000, students now have six plans ranging from $700 to $2,200, depending on where they choose to live. Now students and parents can find better options that fit in their budgets.

Another concern the university helped address in creating the new plans is location. Soon, students living in Worth Hills and the Tom Brown-Pete Wright apartments will have options more closely tailored to their living environments with the addition of the Flex 10 and Limited 50 plans, respectively.

Best of all, each of the plans will come with the Simply To Go option, allowing students to take breakfast and lunch with them instead of being forced to eat at specific locations. The option of to-go meals ensures students will make the most of their meal plans because they will be more likely to visit Market Square when they otherwise wouldn’t have time, meaning less wasted money.

The meal plan overhaul should satisfy more students, making them more likely to enjoy their on-campus experience. For a university that has devoted so much to immense new developments, it’s about time administrators paid attention to the details.

Editor-in-chief Max Landman for the editorial board.