Country faces more pressing issues than Obama’s dog

In one of the top headlines of the week, President Barack Obama finally fulfilled his campaign promise to his daughters and welcomed a new dog into the family.

News broadcasts, Web sites and even the blogosphere are on full blast about the newest Obama in the White House. One headline proclaimed, “The wait is over.”

Seriously, is that what we’ve come to as a media-loving country to the point where getting a dog is headline news?

Scrutinizing first lady Michelle Obama’s wardrobe for every appearance was a little over the top, but this just takes the cake.

Articles concerning the dog include details about the new walking arrangements for Bo, play ideas, and even questioning if the dog is a “left-winger.”

Not to mention an Associated Press article which stated, “now that Bo is White House bound, (the) president can get back to business.”

Some outlets are questioning the choice of the dog.

The Obamas had promised to get a dog from a pound, but Bo was a present from Sen. Ted Kennedy.

This has activists in an uproar over the roots of the dog, and whether or not he was a rescued dog.

Does it really matter? If the Obamas are happy with the dog and it fits in with their family why should we care where it’s from?

Aren’t there more important topics to talk about?

We still have wars continuing on two fronts and a defiant North Korea firing off long-range missiles at will. Pirates are taking hundreds of people hostage aside from our one American captain.

Add onto that a faltering economy and the pork spending in the budget, and it seems like we should have plenty of legitimate subjects to discuss in the news.

It is quite silly that there are still articles and segments devoted to the new puppy popping up throughout the week.

I hope you have better ways to pass the time, but for those who do find this to be irresistibly intriguing, you can head over to and cast your vote for or against the Obamas’ new dog.

Vlora Bojku is a junior business major from Colleyville.