Campus Voices: Graduation

Campus Voices: Graduation

What’s changed the most about campus since you were a freshman?

“The four new dorms in front of the new student union used to be a huge field and parking lot that separated Milton Daniel Hall and Colby Hall. You would see guys playing football and girls laying out”.

Brad Williams, economics major from Dallas

“It weirds me out that Milton Daniel is a co-ed dorm now.”

Amy Douthey, accounting major from Tyler

“The Student Center being gone and the Main not being here.”

Jessica Lo, international communications major from Longview

What’s your biggest fear about graduating?

“Not getting a job or having graduate school pan out and of course. … leaving Texas.”

Melissa Bell, marketing major from El Dorado Hills, Calif.

“Being on my own and being out in the real world.”

Megan Vroman, political science major from Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Who was your favorite professor?

“Dr. Laura Meade, she teaches supply chain management. She is incredibly pro-students and really cares about our welfare as far as where we will be after graduation.”

Elliott Higgins, supply chain management major from Fort Worth

“My favorite professor is Greg Mansur in the radio-TV-film department because he’s the man.”

Joey Parr, radio-TV-film and political science major from Fort Worth

“Dr. Dodson in political science because his lectures are detailed, rich and concise.”

Becky Munson, political science and Spanish major, Roanoke, Va.

“Dr. Lisa Vanderlinden because we share similar interests in the field of anthropology. I learn from her not based on her instruction, but based on her passion for the study.”

Sam McMillen, anthropology and biology major, Kansas City, Mo.

What will you miss the most about TCU?

“Since I am going into the graduate program at TCU next year, I’m going to miss having my friends around since so many of them are moving to different cities for jobs.”

Liz Lombardi, accounting and finance major from Fort Worth

“The tulips that they plant in March. Our campus looks so beautiful during the Spring.”

Whitney Holt, accounting and finance major from Plano

“Having everything at your fingertips. Your friends, food, the gym and plenty of fun are all in a tight community all within walking distance.”

Chris Brown, finance and supply chain management from Katy

“I’ll miss my financial freedom.”

Caroline Wells, fashion merchandising major, from Omaha, Neb.