Mountain West Conference talks change at commissioners meeting

Nothing has been changed yet, but the Mountain West Conference’s eight-team playoff proposal is still making some noise among BCS officials.

Conference commissioner Craig Thompson spent Tuesday morning in Pasadena, Ca., talking with other BCS commissioners about the proposed playoff format and other possible changes to the way the system currently operates.

According to an Associated Press article, after the meeting BCS coordinator John Swofford said he agreed with commissioner Thompson’s suggestion that certain parts of the proposed plan could be considered – like a selection committee in place of the current computers and polls – even if the playoff portion was rejected, but that the different parts of the proposal couldn’t be separated out at this time.

Responsibility will fall to the college presidents to adopt any changes the BCS commissioners send their way, Swofford said in the article.

The commissioners are scheduled to reconvene in June and any changes will be sent the presidents’ way at that time, the article stated.

Athletics director Danny Morrison said he has spoken with Thompson since the commissioners’ meeting Tuesday in Pasadena.

“I think there was good discussion – good dialogue,” Morrison said. “Obviously no action was taken.”

The primary reason things aren’t expected to change anytime soon is because the BCS has agreed to stick with the current format all the way through the 2013 season, Morrison said.

Morrison said a movement would have to be made to make changes to the system in place in order to implement some of the ideas that were discussed Tuesday.

“That would be up to the BCS group that decides all that,” he said. “Any kind of action would take a change in what’s already configured through 2013.”

When asked if the recent increase in attention because of the proposal indicates that the conference is finally receiving the kind of respect it deserves, Morrison said support and respect for the MWC has always been strong.

“If you talk to people in the industry, the Mountain West Conference has always been one that’s highly thought of,” Morrison said.