Dining services offers more options for 09-10

Changes to dining choices this semester include new menu items, a larger selection of off-campus restaurants that accept Frog Bucks and a breakfast Convenience Swipe option, a university official said.

Craig Allen, director of Residential Services, said Market Square has added meat carving, as well as a separate area for vegan and vegetarian foods, stir fry and hydration stations featuring fruit-flavored waters. The omelet station and Stacks, the sandwich line, have switched locations in order to provide for better traffic flow and allow more stations available for service, Allen said. A burrito station featuring fresh tortillas is expected to open this semester, Allen said.

“The key to any kind of dining plan, for us, is to keep mixing it up,” Allen said. “We know that students want healthy; they want fresh.”

All meal plans include Campus Cash, which can be used at all on-campus eateries. Campus Cash is similar to Frog Bucks, but can only be used at university-owned establishments, Allen said. Off-campus restaurants that are new to the Frog Bucks program this year include Chicken Express on Southwest Loop 820, Hoffbrau Steaks on University Drive, Los Vaqueros on Berry Street, Pappas Burger on West Freeway and Romano’s Macaroni Grill on University Drive, he said.

Sub Connection, which began accepting meal plan swipes during lunch hours in January, now accepts the Convenience Swipe for breakfast as well. The Convenience Swipe option allows students to use their meal plan swipes for to-go meals at Sub Connection. Students will not be able to get into Market Square for one hour after using a Convenience Swipe for breakfast and for three hours after using a swipe for lunch. Student feedback was directly responsible for the new swipe option, Allen said.

A late-night value menu debuting at the on-campus restaurant 1873 features items available for $2 or less. The menu will be available from 9 p.m. to close and will feature snack-portioned items similar to what fast food restaurants serve, he said.

Unlike last semester, students will not be able to use the Convenience Swipe option during late-night hours at 1873, Allen said.

Rick Flores, general manager for Dining Services, said the option was discontinued in order to maintain meal plan prices with the addition of the breakfast Convenience Swipe at Sub Connection.

Union Grounds, which serves coffee and snack foods, has replaced The Corner Store on the first floor of the Brown-Lupton University Union. Kelly Raw, marketing manager for Dining Services, said an all-day grand opening celebration is scheduled for Sept. 2 and will feature food samples, giveaways and a live band.

Pond Street Grill remains closed, but the building has reopened as Pond Street Lounge, a study space for students, Allen said. Residents of Worth Hills must swipe their student ID card to get into the building, which is open daily from 9 a.m. to midnight, while other students may use the facility if accompanied by a Worth Hills resident.

Allen said he has discussed dining options for the lounge with Dining Services, but nothing has been finalized. Potential additions include a pre-made sandwich vending machine or a grab-and-go stop similar to the Bistro Burnett, he said.

Union Grounds Grand Opening

When: Wednesday, Sept. 2

Where: Union Grounds, first floor of the Brown-Lupton University Union

2009-2010 Meal Plan Options
Unlimited Access to Market Square

Frog Pass Silver – $1,815

 $100 Campus Cash

Frog Pass Gold – $2,000

 $150 Campus Cash, $150 Frog Bucks

Frog Pass Platinum – $2,185

 $250 Campus Cash, $250 Frog Bucks

Frog Pass Diamond – $2,200

 $150 Campus Cash, $350 Frog Bucks

Frog Pass Flex 10 – $2,145

 10 swipes per week

 $250 Campus Cash, $250 Frog Bucks

 Worth Hills upperclassmen and nonresident students only

Frog Pass Limited 50 – $700

 50 swipes to Market Square

 $150 Campus Cash, $150 Frog Bucks

 Tom Brown-Pete Wright apartment residents and off-campus students only