Volleyball falls to Bears in fifth set

The TCU women’s volleyball team followed up their opening weekend of the season with a disappointing loss against the rival Baylor Bears Tuesday.

The Horned Frogs are now 2-2 in their season, while the Bears remain undefeated. The high energy game was well-attended and started out with a close first set, but the Bears came out on top 28 to 26. The Horned Frogs followed up the disappointing first set with two winning sets.

“We dug really well, we were really scrappy, we played well together,” said senior Lauren Otto. “The two games that we won we put together really well.”

Otto said that the team needs to work on playing well in all five sets next game. Her kill won the third set for TCU.

“We were really up and down, like a roller coaster,” Otto said of the inconsistency in the sets.

The fourth game was frustrating for TCU. The Horned Frogs were trailing 14 to 2 when head coach Prentice Lewis called a timeout. TCU came back with strong blocking, but it was not enough as the Horned Frogs were only able to score 9 points to Baylor’s 25.

The determining set was fast paced and very close. The action was continuously back and forth.

Otto said her mentality was positive going into the fifth set.

“I was ready to win, that’s all I was thinking about,” Otto said.

TCU made a comeback, but it was not enough to win the game.

Senior Katelyn Blackwood said there were definite successes of the night, despite the outcome.

“We were finally putting it all together,” Blackwood said. “A good pass, a good set, a good hit.”

The team is hoping to make a comeback in their upcoming games.

“We just have to come into practice with some intensity,” Blackwood said.

She said in order to be successful, they need to bring the atmosphere of the game into practice and avoid going through the motions.

Since 2007, the Horned Frogs have won nine games that have made it into a fifth set. TCU will play three games this weekend, the next game being on Friday against the University of New Hampshire.

Despite the somber attitude of the fans and players, the Horned Frogs have a positive outlook about their next games.

“We don’t want to be that team with potential,” Blackwood said. “We want to be that team that shows everybody we can beat the Baylors.”