University to use Texas Common Application to make submission easier

Applying to college can be a daunting and tedious task. This year, the university plans to help ease the process.

According to, the university joined 46 other Texas colleges in using the ApplyTexas application, or the former Texas Common Application.

The ApplyTexas application allows students to use one application to apply to all public schools and select private and community colleges in the state of Texas for undergraduate and graduate admission, according to Students can also use the online service to apply for scholarships and housing.

Ray Brown, dean of admissions, said the university decided to use the application because approximately 70 percent of applicants come from Texas, and most of those students use the common application anyway to apply to a large number of schools in the state.

While the large percentage of Texans influenced the university to use the application, school officials also considered the difficulty of submitting supplemental information to schools.

Chancellor Victor Boschini said the addition of the ApplyTexas application should have a positive impact.

“I think a lot of time we forget because we’re so familiar with college … but it’s a pretty mysterious process (applying to college) for a lot of kids and if it makes it easier, I’m all for it,” he said.

Brown said the ApplyTexas application allows students to apply to the schools they want without filling out a different application every time.

In addition to submitting the ApplyTexas application, students must submit supplements to each school. The supplements include test scores, resumes, transcripts and letters of recommendation, according to the ApplyTexas Web site.

Brown said as a result of using the ApplyTexas application, the university expects to receive 15 to 20 percent more applications, a more selective admissions process and more male applicants to apply due to the easier application method.

“Right or wrong, guys tend to not take this process as seriously as women do,” Brown said. “If there can be a more streamlined version of (applying to college) that might encourage more guys to get into the process.”

Boschini said he saw no drawbacks to the ApplyTexas application.

“To me it seems like a win-win. It’s a win for the applicant, and it’s a win for the schools,” he said.

Brown said that while the university expects to receive more applications, students may not complete their applications at a rate they would if they used the university application.

The university tries new ideas every admissions season, Brown said. This year it is the ApplyTexas application, but the university plans to discontinue using the application if it receives a large number of applications from students not serious about attending TCU.