Opportunity lost when students fail to get involved

Some students may not know what a city council member does, but now no one can say the chance to learn and act has not presented itself. Public transportation, crime rates and parking are some of the issues that students have the opportunity to discuss with somebody from City Hall.

The visit of Councilman Joel Burns sends a positive message from the City of Fort Worth to the university. Burns has included the university in his tour across the district, suggesting he believes that the needs of students at this university must also be heard. Students should realize their opinion matters, regardless of whether they live on campus or not.

Students had the chance to voice their concerns to the councilman for one afternoon in a very accessible location – the second floor of the Brown-Lupton University Union. The effort required to visit Burns and share comments or concerns was halved, if not completely eliminated, for students. It’s a shame, however, that only 10 to 15 students showed up to take advantage of this opportunity. An occasion to connect with a local representative should not be taken lightly.

The university requires all students to take a course in citizenship and social values to meet core curriculum requirements. It is time to put those values to practice.

News editor Maricruz Salinas for the editorial board.