Frogs need to come together for Clemson

Let me start off by saying Texas State is a good offensive team. There is no doubt about that. But on several occasions, this “lowly” FCS team made the mighty Frogs’ defensive secondary look just plain silly. What was, despite what any coach will say, scheduled as a tune up game for Clemson turned out to be quite the challenge for the Frogs.

The Frogs’ secondary better step up and make the adjustments needed for good coverage, or TCU doesn’t stand a chance against a good Tiger offense this Saturday.

Senior cornerback Rafael Priest said he must step up and push the secondary to practice at game speed or else they might have another first gear performance like last Saturday. Despite being shallow in depth, the secondary is full of experience and leadership, and that needs to carry this defense,

One thing was made clear this past Saturday. For the first time in many years, the Horned Frogs’ offense is going to carry this team through the season. And that job might fall squarely on senior tailback Joseph Turner.

Turner brings to the table another big change from other TCU squads in recent history. For the first time in a while, the Frogs will be led in the offensive backfield by a power back who gains his real estate by driving his shoulders into the opposing linebacker’s mouth rather than speeding his way around the corner and up the sideline. In a game where most of the Frogs came out with little to no heart, Turner put his head down and carried the Frogs to the win column with 129 yards, three touchdowns and an average 9.9 yards per carry.

Let’s just hope these first two weeks were practice games in disguise, and the Frogs can finally put it all together next Saturday in Death Valley.