Students roll into Market Square for sushi experience

The combination of sushi possibilities was about as long as the line of students that wrapped around Market Square on Monday night.

Students experienced Japanese cuisine through Sodexo’s visiting chef program. Zing, the university’s sushi chef, prepared and served sushi at the Expeditions station in Market Square.

Students sampled California rolls and cream cheese rolls with wasabi and soy sauce on the side. The California roll consisted of cucumber, avocado and imitation crab. The cream cheese roll consisted of cream cheese, avocado, with a choice of crab, tuna or salmon. A vegetarian roll, with rice, cucumber, avocado and carrots, was served if requested, Zing said.

Custom rolls were also prepared in addition to the pre-made California and cream cheese rolls.

Alyssa Lombardi, a sophomore news-editorial journalism major, said she enjoyed a custom roll with salmon, avocado, cucumber and rice. Lombardi said she did not know about the sushi bar before she walked into Market Square for dinner.

“It’s not as special as some of the sushi places you would get downtown like Dallas or Houston, but it’s pretty good,” Lombardi said about her roll.

Elora Davis, a sophomore English major, said she had eaten sushi many times before Monday night and knew about the event because of the fliers posted in the Brown-Lupton University Union.

“I’ve had sushi in Japan before…you basically can’t beat that, but compared to some stuff around here, it’s pretty good,” Davis said.

The sushi rolls served exceeded the expectations of Brooke Purvis, a freshman pre-business major. The California rolls and crab rolls were much better than some sushi she has had in Florida, she said.

Students will have the option to purchase a sushi kit to roll their own sushi for $30.

“Essentially, it’s a box and it comes with your rice, your pickle ginger, your wasabi, your seaweed, chopsticks, your little rolling mat, everything you need to make the sushi,” said Kelly Raw, marketing manager for Dining Services. “Of course it doesn’t have your fish and vegetables in there so that would have to be purchased separate.”

The students who purchase a kit will also receive a ticket to attend a demonstration taught by Zing on how to roll sushi on Sept. 29. Raw said another demonstration would be added if more than 15 students who purchased kits planned on attending.

The sushi kits would remain on sale at Bistro Burnett, 1873 Cafe & Sports Grill and Union Grounds for the next few weeks, Raw said.

The meals served through the visiting chef program in Market Square are free for students with meal plans.

“We’re going to continue to have other visiting chefs throughout the semester,” Raw said. “I think it’s something we’re going to do next semester as well.”

Demonstration on how to roll sushi

When: 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sept. 29

Where: 1873 Cafe & Sports Grill