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KTCU receives honor from Office of the Mayor

Campus radio station KTCU 88.7 The Choice, in its 45th year of operation, was honored with a proclamation from the Office of the Mayor that makes this month KTCU month.

“We went for the whole enchilada, and we got it,” said Janice McCall, assistant station manager for KTCU.

According to the City of Fort Worth Web site, a proclamation from the mayor’s office is the highest form of recognition available and is utilized to “showcase the events, programs and people that make Fort Worth one of the most livable cities in the nation.”

KTCU received a similar award for its 20th year of broadcasting in 1984. It was this plaque that inspired KTCU director Russell Scott and McCall to apply for the proclamation.

Previously employed as an accountant, McCall joined KTCU in her current position in March. Scott said McCall did all the work, making phone calls and filling out applications.

Originally, the station’s application was denied. McCall received an e-mail from the mayor’s office just a few days ago that said the proclamation was ready to be picked up.

“I was very pleased and surprised whenever I got to City Hall (Wednesday) morning,” McCall said.

Since Scott took over the station three years ago, its format has changed to become more consistent, he said. When he took the job, each hour of the show had a different personality, he said.

“We came up with a hybrid format that we thought would appeal to Fort Worth…not just TCU,” Scott said of his decisions to change the station.

The station is marketed to adults a few years older than college age during the day, Scott said. Later at night, when more college students generally listen, the station changes its style to one that is more alternative.

Scott said he has received great feedback from listeners about the station’s formatting. Despite changes in the last few years, KTCU still broadcasts TCU sports games like football and basketball.

Richard Allen, professor and chair of the film, television and digital media department, said Scott and McCall are professionally minded and able to utilize the station’s strengths to make the community more aware of what the station has to offer.

“It’s not surprising that the city would recognize us with a plaque like that and make that kind of proclamation,” Allen said.

McCall said that in honor of KTCU month, the station plans to get students, staff and other listeners to share and record their favorite memories of the station to play back through each broadcast.

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