Frogs weather non-conference storm

The Frogs secured the Iron Skillet for one more year, made it through the non-conference schedule unscathed and broke into the top 10 faster than any Frog team since 1959. The troubling thing is they haven’t played up to their potential yet and head coach Gary Patterson is well aware of it.

Going into conference 4-0 is all Patterson said was good about the Frogs’ performance Saturday. It seems that for every adjustment the Frogs make each week, two or three more problems arise.

This week brought on the plague of turnovers. The Frogs turned the ball over once by air and twice by land, halting any chance of building any offensive momentum against a much inferior SMU team. The easiest way for the Frogs to lose their entire season would be to turn the ball over against programs like Air Force or Colorado State, good teams that would love to knock the Frogs off their BCS pedestal.

The Frogs do know how to play in poor weather. Two of the Frogs’ first four games were played in stormy weather and it appears the they will have to face the next challenge this weekend in the form of snow against the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

The Frogs were finally able to make the most important adjustment to the team in giving senior wide receiver Jeremy Kerley the ball to work his magic. His punt return Saturday broke a long-standing Frog curse of punt return attempts without a touchdown, with help from young and brave freshman linebacker Tanner Brock who put his bare cranium on the line for the team.

Things are looking up for the Frogs, but the storm isn’t over yet. The Frogs don’t want to ride an avalanche out of both Colorado and the Top 25 with a turnover-filled loss.