‘Legion’ film a slap in the face to Christianity

The executives at Sony Pictures have really outdone themselves this time with the upcoming release of the movie “Legion.” Every premise in the movie is utterly blasphemous to Christians, and generally to anyone who has a moderate dose of ethics and morals. It is as if the only goal of executives at Sony Pictures is to slap God in the face with its new movie and anger Christians everywhere. It sure has worked.

The premise of the movie is typical of the garbage that Hollywood spews these days. “Legion,” in a nutshell, is about mankind, how we have angered God somehow, and how he is going to take vengeance on His own creation: man. God does this by unleashing various plagues, Gabriel the Archangel, and hordes of “warrior angels” on mankind. But wait, the blasphemy gets even better. Mankind’s faux messiah is an unborn baby who was recently released from his wings and his allegiance to God. Archangel Michael has to protect the unborn baby. Michael, in his graciousness, decides to protect mankind from God and His angels. The blasphemy is really set up as a delightful dichotomy as Michael, releasing himself from his servitude to God and the Messiah, is essentially going to be reborn in a desert in the Southwest United States.

One may ask why Hollywood is so blasphemous with its complete disregard of ethics and morals. One of the primary reasons is that normally Christianity in itself is boring and not normally fit for an action movie. One would have to be an idiot and live under a rock to think that it was not up Sony Pictures’ and Hollywood’s sleeves to twist a vague and somewhat scary aspect of Christianity around for their own benefit. It is this disfigurement of Christianity that is especially disconcerting. Sony Pictures certainly has the guile to commercialize, defile and especially laugh in the face of God.

This willingness to convolute a religion is nothing new for Hollywood, but the direct twisting of Christianity in “Legion” is new. It’s as if Hollywood no longer cares about having an ounce of respect for Christianity and other religions. They will now be upfront with their religion bashing and dismembering of historical documents such as the Holy Bible.

All I want people to do is edify themselves and examine their morals before they decide to take the plunge and watch this movie. In fact, I may watch the movie when it is released just to strengthen my distaste for Hollywood in general.

Danny Peters is a junior psychology major from Fort Worth.