Details of sexual assault cases could lead to safer campus

There have been three sexual assaults involving students since the fall semester began, and campus police informed the community through crime alerts. While TCU Police’s efforts to increase security and prevention are commendable, they could be doing more to ensure campus safety by giving more details on the assaults. When something this serious is happening on campus, the campus community has a right to know more about the situation.

Giving more details on the assault is not meant to compromise the privacy and safety of the victim but to give the campus community more details than what it is currently getting. For instance, it would be helpful to know exactly where on campus the assaults occurred and under what circumstances. Are there places on campus where an assault is more likely to occur? Was the victim walking out of a building at the time of the assault? These are all questions that, if answered, could help give the campus community a better idea of the dangers of being on campus after dark and how better to protect themselves.

Also, while it is helpful to get crime alerts immediately after the assault occurs, it would also be beneficial for the campus community to be routinely updated on the investigation of the assault. A follow-up of the investigation informing the community that the situation is still being handled or has been resolved is important to keep people informed about the place that they call home.

Web editor Rose Baca for the editorial board.