Abortion addicted mother has no right to pro-choice

Abortion addicted mother has no right to pro-choice

Irene Vilar is a mother, an author, a literary agent, an editor and an incredibly intelligent woman. Yet, she has a disturbing secret that she is ready to share with the world. She has an addiction to receiving the medical procedure known as abortion.

According to the ABC News Web site, she has had 15 abortions in the past 16 years,and she has been married for the majority of those years. Vilar, who now has two children, has decided to write a book titled “Impossible Motherhood,” in which she discusses her decision to have repeat abortions and advocates the concept of pro-choice.

Vilar discusses her addiction to abortion. After she had her ninth and 10th abortions, she needed the high that she received from the procedure.

“In the beginning I was taking pills, and I’d skip a day or two or give up one month,” she said. “I’d think, ‘I’ll be better next time.’ But slowly, my days took on a balancing act, and there was a specific high. I would get my period and be sad, then discover I was pregnant, being afraid, yet also so excited.”

Yet she was not excited at the prospect of having the child; she knew before she even conceived what the fate of that fetus was.

ABC News looked at another woman, Mary, who had her first abortion when she was 21. She did not think it was the right time to have a child. She has had three abortions to date, but she describes abortion as something she didn’t want to go through again.

“It’s a physically painful thing to do – not something I’d ever want to use as a form of birth control,” Mary said. “Who wants to go through that pain to end the lives of potential children?”

Specialists look at women who have multiple abortions as women who are addicted to self-mutilation. You may have heard this term before in another context. Cutting, burning or causing any sort of physical injury to one’s self on purpose is known as self-mutilation, and is considered by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as a symptom of borderline personality disorder and depressive disorders.

Why does Vilar, a mentally-disturbed woman, have the right to end multiple fetuses’ heartbeats for her own addiction? And even so, why should her book describing it be published?

Abortion is a touchy subject for most people, and everyone seems to have an opinion. Whether your opinion is pro-life or pro-choice, neither of those makes you “anti-life” like this deranged woman. She should not have the right to have the blessing of children of her own after purposefully getting pregnant just to destroy an unborn child.

Kait Staffieri is a sophomore psychology major from Dallas.