Frogs bring what fans knew they could

The Horned Frogs control their own destiny in the Bowl Championship Series now that they moved their way to No. 6, past the other BCS buster hopeful, Boise State University. The word “destiny” implies belief that something was born or made for a certain purpose, and during the past few years in Fort Worth, most college football fans would agree this Frog team has been made to make national headlines.

The voters tipped their hands this week and proved that rankings are highly based on national awareness in the media. Boise had played many its games during the week, forcing the whole nation to feed their college football cravings on only its games. This pushed an undeserving Boise team all the way up to No. 4 in the BCS standings last week, despite having a very poor strength of schedule. This weekend’s ESPN College GameDay spotlight was exactly what the Frogs needed to push them past the Broncos into the position they really deserve. If GameDay had chosen a different game to broadcast from this weekend, the Frogs most likely would still be stuck behind America’s favorite underdog and their blue turf.

But GameDay did come, Lee Corso put on the SuperFrog head, and the nation has finally seen the state of Texas’ best kept secret, the private school in Fort Worth that has a small, spread out student and alumni fan base, which typically might not travel very well for a variety of reasons.

But pay attention, bowl representatives, because these TCU boys can play some football, and when they are selected to go to one of those BCS bowls, every good Horned Frog fan will be asking Santa for three things this Christmas: tickets, gas money and a brand new purple hoodie to wear at the game.

Sports editor Travis L. Brown for the editorial board.