Campus-wide pillow fight to make its first debut

University policies do not sanction fighting as acceptable behavior, unless pillows are involved that is.

The university’s first intramural pillow fight will take place Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m in the Campus Commons. The winners in each division, men’s and women’s, will win two tickets to the Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks game Sunday in Arlington.

Freshman pre-major Brian Otte did not know whether he would attend the event, but expressed interest.

“It just sounds like a lot of fun,” Otte said. “I’d really like to win two Cowboys tickets, and who doesn’t like to hit people with stuffed pillows?”

Mike Hackemack, assistant director of Campus Recreation, said the event would add another festivity to the Homecoming week.

Traditional sports under the Campus Recreation arena include sports like soccer, football, baseball and volleyball. But pillow fighting will not be the first to break the tradition.

So far this year, paper football and Quidditch, the broom-riding sport in the Harry Potter series, joined the list of left-field activities, he said.

“It doesn’t have to really be your traditional sports,” Hackemack said. “I think that’s actually one of the cooler things we’re doing … we get a wider range of people involved.”

Two fighters will duel two at a time, in a semi-jousting format, Hackemack said. He said the pillow fighting will take place inside of a bounce-house type construction. The first person to get knocked off of the balancing part of the construction will lose the match, Hackemack said.

In the event of a tie, judges will decide the winner based on the number of hits landed, similar to a boxing match, Hackemack said.

Hackemack said since the registration for the event would be on-site, he could not estimate the numbers for participation, but said his goal would be about 50 people.

Campus Recreation hired Texas Sumo, a game rental company, to organize the event for $300. Hackemack said participants would not need to bring their own pillows because they would be provided. Registration is free to all students, faculty and staff who wish to participate.

Otte said he thought highly of his chances if he participated in the dueling.

“I think I’ve got good enough balance, and a hard enough swing of a pillow, that I think I can win these tickets hands down,” Otte said.

Campus Pillow Fight

When: 5 p.m. tonight

Where: Campus Commons

Prize: Two tickets to Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys game

Open to all students, faculty and staff