Frog Follies to return after three-year absence

The Student Government Association’s Programming Council has scheduled Frog Follies as part of the homecoming agenda after a three-year absence, a Programming Council representative said.

Kendal Rader, a junior speech pathology major and Programming Council homecoming director, said Frog Follies is a group skit competition, not a talent show. Group skits ranging from songs to dance routines are expected, she said.

The last time Frog Follies was held on campus was fall 2006. It was an event held every year during homecoming week before it was canceled.

Student Activities Coordinator Brad Thompson said the event was stopped after the 2006 event because certain groups arrived and performed inebriated and because the university did not approve of some of the content in the skits.

Assistant Director of Student Activities Kim Turner said that although inappropriate content did exist in the past, it was not the primary reason that the event was canceled.

“I can think of a specific example, but I don’t want to implicate one group when there were others that were just as guilty,” Turner said.

Groups in the event were also primarily composed of fraternity pledges who were forced to participate, Turner said.

“We just didn’t feel that the skits and making the pledges do that was necessarily a positive thing for the university,” Turner said.

Another reason why the event was canceled is that there was not enough time to prepare for the events, and there were problems scheduling the event in Ed Landreth Auditorium, Turner said.

“People did not put in a lot of time,” Turner said. “It just was not a high-quality production.”

Rader said Frog Follies will be brought back with a strict set of rules and expectations to make sure that the event will be fun, positive and that it will promote school spirit instead of participants tearing down other groups, which was a problem in the past.

According to 2009 Frog Follies guidelines, no more than 10 members of an organization may be present on stage. Cursing and inappropriate music are forbidden, and participants must dress appropriately, according to the guidelines.

“It’s to make sure it’s really appropriate and a classy event for TCU,” Thompson said.

All skits are expected to be three to five minutes long, she said.

“We want to make sure they have a polished routine,” Rader said.

The event is being brought back because another event needed to be scheduled for homecoming week, and the event seemed to be a perfect fit, Rader said.

The Programming Council had open tryouts for every student organization last Wednesday and Thursday in the Brown-Lupton University Union ballroom. According to the guidelines, groups are required to try out with their completed skit.

Each Greek organization is expected to participate in the event, Rader said.

Frog Follies will be held at 9 p.m. on Thursday in the Ed Landreth Auditorium. People who attend may bring socks as part of a philanthropy drive for the homeless, Rader said.