TCU Rangers deserve as much support as they give

Their uniforms speak for themselves. A buttoned down shirt, leather vest, jeans, cowboy boots and a handkerchief tied loosely around the neck. No, they’re not the Texas Rangers, but the TCU Rangers, and they’re out defending the Horned Frogs at every home football game. The newly-created organization was formed in order to increase the weak student participation that often exists at the games. And by their consistent home game attendance, the TCU Rangers are giving the team the representation they are rightly owed.

The university is lucky to have such a great football program and a talented team to boot. The same team that gives as much school spirit in every play as they sometimes receive. So at a time when the team truly deserves our support it sure is nice to see a group of students doing just that.

One of the best things about the TCU Rangers is that almost anyone can join their force. To be a member, a student must be of junior or senior standing regardless of gender and have at least a 2.75 GPA. So if you can fulfill those requirements, have school spirit and don’t mind yeehawing the football team to victory, get those spurs on and make your way out onto the field.

Web Editor Rose Baca for the editorial board.