New professional basketball team to grace Dallas

New professional basketball team to grace Dallas

So you want to go see some professional basketball but can’t afford a Dallas Mavericks game? There’s a new team in town that can help you quench your basketball thirst. The Dallas Generals will be playing their inaugural season this year in the American Basketball Association.

The Generals will pay home games at Fair Park Coliseum in Dallas. Students on a tight college budget can get more bang for their buck with the Generals. For only $15 a student can sit courtside and see some exciting ABA basketball.

The ABA has many unique rules that are different from the NBA’s rules. The 3-D rule gives an extra point for a basket made on a steal before a team crosses half-court. Overtime is played for three minutes, and if the game goes to a second overtime, the first team to score 10 points wins. Players only have seven seconds to cross half-court instead of eight like the NBA.

The Generals also feature a former Horned Frog player in Brian Carter. The 7-foot forward played at TCU from 2001-2003.

“He can run the court, he’s really athletic, he’s got a great attitude and he works hard ,” said head coach Chris Terrell about Carter. “I think he’s going to be a big part of what we do.”

Carter said students should check out the Generals for their brand of basketball and the affordable games.

“I know how it is to be in college,” Carter said. “Pockets can be tight at times. We got a wonderful brand of basketball, a lot of athletes and a lot of dunks for an affordable price.

Students can relate to the players and they are very approachable, he said.

“We’re professional athletes, but we don’t have NBA money,” Carter said. “You might catch one of us at the bar after the game.”

The Generals’ first game is Dec. 5 against the North Texas Fresh at Fair Park Coliseum. The Fresh play in Fort Worth, and the game has been billed as the “Metroplex’s Best: Cross-Town Rivalry Series.” The Fresh’s home court is at Keller Central High School.

The Generals also boast two well-known players on their team. Anthony Miller played eight years in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets and the Philadelphia 76ers. Taurian J. Fontenette, also known as “Mr. 720,” played on the AND1 Mix-Tape tour and was one of the first people to ever land a dunk featuring two full rotations in the air.