Interfraternity Council creates new position

The Interfraternity Council has added a new position to its office by splitting an old one, an IFC official said.

Grant Gossett, IFC vice president of student recruitment, said the council has decided to split the position of vice president of finance and administration into two separate positions. That position will be replaced by the new posts of vice president of finance and vice president of administration. Gossett said splitting the position should simplify each job and keep the workload from piling up on any one person.

The new positions will also allow another fraternity to sit on the council, said IFC President Evan Berlin. Currently, there are fewer seats on the council than there are fraternities at the university, which means some fraternities are not represented.

“We want to be effectively representative of all 10 chapters and we needed more room on the council to represent them,” Berlin said.

Berlin said the new vice president of administration will take over the actual running of IFC meetings, a job formerly done by the president.

“They (the new administrative person) will basically be the right hand of the president,” Berlin said.

IFC adviser Keith Becklin said having a single vice president of administration will help the council keep more complete minutes of future meetings and better personnel records.

“It will also just make the position easier, and we’ll have one other set of hands,” Becklin said.

The new vice president of finance will be responsible for all of the council’s budgets, checks, and invoices, Berlin said.

Elections for the new positions, as well as for the rest of the council seats, have been pushed back to Nov. 23 and are scheduled to take place at 9:30 p.m., Berlin said.

“We wanted to be able to accommodate those individuals who held both chapter and IFC positions,” Gossett said, “So we pushed back (IFC) elections so that chapters could hold their own elections.”

Gossett said candidates’ election packets were due Sunday and the election results should be announced Nov. 23, the same evening they are held. With the positions generated by splitting the vice president of finance and administration seat, there are now nine seats available.

Berlin said after the elections, the IFC will appoint a “chief delegate” from a chapter not represented on the council.

“The main goal is to have a voice and represent their chapter and work with the IFC on some bigger projects, such as Greek Week, our flag football tournament, our golf tournament, things of that nature,” Berlin said.

Chapters currently not represented on the IFC are Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Gamma Delta and Kappa Sigma.

The transition dinner for new chapter presidents and IFC position holders is set to be held Dec. 3.