New Frog uniforms get campus community talking

Displayed at the university bookstore, the Frogs’ new Nike uniforms have students and alumni talking.

According to a press release from Nike, the uniforms were designed with the inspiration of the Frogs’ promising future and fearless attitude. Designers were able to digitally replicate the image of horned frog scales on parts of the uniform.

The Nike Pro Combat uniforms accommodate the evolution of the game of football, according to the press release.

By using lightweight material that does not hold sweat or water, the new uniforms are breathable and durable to accommodate the rapid and explosive nature of the game.

Nike also designed a custom cleat for the Frogs, complete with the team’s colors, logo and motto, “Don’t Back Down.” This mantra is also on the collar of the jersey and the cuff of the gloves.

One element of the uniforms that caught the attention of university alumnus Dave Veckwith, class of 1963, was the helmets.

While Veckwith said he was pleased with the new uniforms, he said he wished the helmets were purple.

The helmet, designed to look like a horned frog, has the same scaly pattern as the pants with two red stripes down the center. The red stripes represent blood that shoots from horned frog eyes when under attack, as well as the brotherhood bloodlines that unite the team, according the press release.

Freshman political science major Maverick Indihar said he really liked the new uniforms, especially the cleats and the scales on the pants.

Mike Vosters, a junior marketing major, said the uniforms are fierce. Although he did not like the scaly look to the new attire, he said that overall he was pleased with them.

Trent Shumate, a freshman electrical engineering major, said he liked the new helmets and the fact that the team got new uniforms.

Brittany Walker, a junior marketing major, said she likes the scales on the new uniforms, and she thinks they look more mature and intimidating. As one of only 10 schools chosen to debut the Nike Pro Combat uniforms, the Frogs get the opportunity to dawn them at Saturday’s game against the University of Utah.