Students lucky to be part of football experience

Freshman students have had the bar set high for their Frog football experience. In one season, students have experienced Top 25 football for the entire season. The Frogs reclaimed the Iron Skillet and watched two Atlantic Coast Conference teams fall on their own turf. Students have been able to wake up to Frog football on ESPN with College GameDay in Provo, Utah. Most importantly, freshmen have not experienced the bitterness of a loss yet. But there is still so much more to come.

As holiday advertisements start popping up on the TV, it’s like Christmas has come early for the Horned Frogs. It began after TCU’s blow out against San Diego State University on Saturday, which propelled the Frogs up the polls as the fourth best team in the nation. Between those two announcements came the gift of national exposure from College GameDay pointing its bus in Fort Worth’s direction.

As excitement rises and productivity in class drops to an all time low, students will be using critical thinking, persuasion and maybe even some math skills to plead the Frogs’ case on elaborately drawn signs to be displayed during GameDay.

Playing Santa in this not so wintery wonderland are alumni and new Frog fans who have already promised the gift of a sold out stadium for this Saturday’s game. So students, be sure and show your appreciation with a very loud “Frogs” in your part of the “Go Frogs” cheer.

The Frogs could win this weekend, and the rest of the season for that matter, or they could… well, let’s not go there. Regardless of the outcome, Frog fans know that for the rest of TCU football history they can say they were part of “The 2009 Season.”

Sports editor Travis L. Brown for the editorial board.